A Message to our non-German-speaking Guests

We have recently noticed access to this site from countries where German is not the native language. We know that tools such as Google’s Online Translator can help in the translation of sites like this one – but we are still interested if our non-German-speaking visitors can navigate and find information they are looking for.

There is currently no intention to provide an English version of this site, yet we would appreciate any feedback that allows us to better judge the necessity for such a service. Any feedback in form of comments to this post or by email is highly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Andreas Zapf

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One Response to A Message to our non-German-speaking Guests

  1. Seattle Sleeper says:

    Thank you Andreas for such an amazing website and compilation of these historic places! I fly Microsoft Flight Simulator-X on line with a WWII reenactment group and intend to reconstruct some of these airfields for the simulator. My father was a pilot with the 91st BG and flew 35 missions over Germany. He had very much respect for the men of the Luftwaffe.

    Mit freundlichen grüßen,

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